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The road to achieve excellence is through a value based education process.

Viswam Group : The Masters of Education

A.P's largest educational institution is espoused to the task of making professionals out of students with an uncanny magic touch.

Students graduating from Viswam Group of Institutions (10+2+3) do not chase jobs but chase careers. The students are fostered to blend into any professional sphere they wish to make a career in.

The secret behind the cent percent success rate of Viswam Group is in churning out professional careers in a prolific measure year after year for about a quarter century lies in the unchallenged commitment to make lives of even average students better, academically.

Viswam Group has proffered a 360° turnaround to the conventional teaching-learning methodology. The improved approach is to tackle the issue at the core level in order to introduce a fresh and novel learning methodology: transferring teaching methodology to the back seat. The argument is simple: alter the sequence.

In this sequence the subject itself becomes the teacher while the teacher becomes a facilitator. Thus the student comes into direct contact with the subject and the teacher playing the role of a medium through which the student gets closer to the subject.

The Primary Education is the first stage of formal schooling. It is the stage in which the children are taught basics of literacy, numeracy and environmental studies.

Let us make India strong as never before. Future of India is in your hands

A nation's prosperity primarily depends on education, which creates wealth and well being. Technology is the key to safety, security, progress and prosperity. To build a safe, secure and prosperous India, we need to make higher technical education accessible and affordable with no distinction in caste, creed or color. Since independence, it has taken nearly more than six decades to emerge as a participant in global competition and an economic entity. The global competition is heating up, therefore, the educational philosophy at VISWAM SCHOOL is found on the belief that our students should not only be professionals in their chosen careers but also well rounded personalities - knowledgeable and cultivated individuals with high personal, professional and ethical standards. Discipline, dedication, duty, dignity and determination are ingredients to all our learning programmes.

At VISWAM SCHOOL, we strive to provide all human virtues within and beyond the scope of academic programmes such that our graduates are fully equipped to compete effectively in a multinational scenario, especially against stiff global competition. A highly qualified and experienced think tank designed each programme to make it student-centered and user-friendly. Meticulous care has been taken to provide equal opportunity to every student to bring out one's best talent in the highly participative learning process which is unique, whether it is academic, co-curricular or extra-curricular activity. The delivery and performance assessment systems have been devised to be totally transparent and flexible to ensure quality technical education in a consistent manner.

Wishing all incoming students of Viswam School.

Shri. M.Prabhakar Reddy


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