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Faculty Members
Sr.No Faculty Name Designation Qalification
1 Mr. C. Raghunatha Reddy Principal M.A, B.Ed
2 Mr. K.Nataraja AO M.A.
3 Mr. A. Kishore Kumar Lecture. In Computers  M.Tech, M.Sc, (P.hd)
4 Mr. G. Nagarjun Reddy  Lecture. In Computers M.Tech, (P.hd)
5 Mr. P. Moulali  Lecture. In Computers M.Tech, M.Sc,APSET, (P.hd)
6 Mr. G. Mubarak  Lecture. In Computers M.Tech
7 Mr. B. Venkatarathnam  Lecture. In Computers M.C.A-lab Assistant
8 Mr. C. Lakshmi Narayana Lecture. in Commerce  M.Com,B.Ed
9 Mr.S.Reddy Sekhar Lecture. in Commerce  M.Com,B.Ed
10 Mrs.M.Padmavathi Lecture. in Commerce  M.Com,B.Ed
11 Mr.P.Rajgopal Lecture. in Commerce  M.Com,B.Ed
12 Mr.G.Kiran Kumar Reddy Lecture. in Commerce  M.Com,B.Ed
13 Mr.J. Subramanyam Lecture. in Commerce  M.Com,B.Ed
14 Mr.P.Karathulla  Lecture. in Sciences M.Sc,B.Ed
15 Mr.C.H.Venkateswarlu  Lecture. in Sciences M.Sc
16 Mr.N.Narasimhulu Lecture. in Sciences M.Sc
17 Mr.D.Mahesh Kumar  Lecture. in Sciences M.Sc,B.Ed
18 MR.G.S.Naveen Kumar Lecture. in Sciences M.Sc,B.Ed
19 Dr.Momitha saha Lecture. in Sciences  P.hD(Gold Medalist)
20 Mrs.G .Ganagabhavani Lecture. in Sciences M.Sc,B.Ed
21 Mrs.M.Anuradha Lecture. in Sciences M.Sc,M.phil
22 Mrs.G.Sravani Lecture. in Sciences M.Sc
23 Mr.D.Sudhakar Lecture. in Management Studies M.Com,M.B.A,PGIRPM
24 Mrs.G.M.Kubrakhanam Lecture. in Management Studies M.Com
25 Mrs.U.Lavanya Lecture. in Management Studies M.Sc,B.Ed,M.B.A
26 Mr.C.Eswar Reddy Lecture. in Humanities M.A.,M.Ed
27 Mr.S.Ahmmed Lecture. in Humanities M.A.(Eng.Lit),B.Ed
28 Mrs.G.Lalitha Lecture. in Humanities M.A.(Eng.Lit),HPT
29 Mrs.T.Lakshmidevi Lecture. in Humanities M.A.(Eng.Lit),B.Ed
30 Mrs.Venkata Ravi Sankar Lecture. in Humanities M.A.,(Tel),B.Ed
31 Mr.M.Somasekhar Reddy Lecture. in Humanities M.Com,HPT
32 Mr.S.Shabeer Ahmmed Lecture. in Humanities M.A.,(Urdu),(P.hD)
33 Mr.B.Venkatesh P.E.D M.P.Ed
34 Mrs.S.Noushad Begum Senior Assistant  M.A.(Eng.lit),B.Ed
35 Mr.C.Gangaraju Junior Assistant  M.Com
36 Mr.C.Nagaraju Accountant M.Com
37 Mrs.M.Vasantha Bai Librarian  M.L.I.S.C
38 Mrs.B.Kavitha Jr. Librarian  B.Sc,B.L.I.S.C
39 Mr.S.Aneef Attender Inter 
40 Mr.P.Anil Kumar Attender  Degree
41 Mr.B.Rajasekhar Lecture.  in Master Of Commerce  M.Com, M.A.(Eng.lit),B.Ed
42 Mr.B.Srinivasulu Lecture.  in Master Of Commerce  M.Com, M.B.A,UGC Net
43 Mr.D.Sudhakar Lecture.  in Master Of Commerce  M.Com,M.B.A,PGIRPM
44 Mrs.G.M.Kubrakhanam Lecture.  in Master Of Commerce  M.Com
45 Mrs.T.Sreevalli Lecture.  in Master Of Sciences M.Sc,B.Ed
46 Mr.R.Naresh Kumar Reddy Lecture.  in Master Of Sciences M.Sc,B.Ed,APSET
47 Mrs.U.Kavitha Lecture.  in Master Of Sciences M.Sc,APSET
48 Mrs.K.Sunitha Lecture.  in Master Of Sciences M.Sc
49 Mrs.A.MaruthiKumar Lab Assistant
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