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The School has good sports facilities, which include indoor and outdoor games. Regular games periods are provided to students and they are encouraged to practice early in the morning or after school to excel at State and National level. Opportunities for team games and physical training are facilitated by trained physical instructors and yoga teachers.

The annual sports meet is held to celebrate the spirit of sports.


The objective behind this club is to end the common perception of the students that badminton is a quiet backyard barbecue game. But to explain to the students that this team sport is certainly quieter than bowling and less violent than football, players can work up quite a sweat. Most novices find it very easy playing with a shuttle bird, hitting back and forth across a net by players using rackets. They are also taught about badminton court specifications, types of racquets used, fault system, strategies and precise body language required for a win.


The chess club introduces students with the recreational and competitive game of chess played between the two players. The simple objective of the game is to check mate the opponent’s king is achieved by playing on a square chequered chessboard with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. The students are told that at the start, each player (one controlling the white pieces, the other controlling the black pieces) controls sixteen pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. The children are taught about the different moves with which a game proceeds and special moves like castling, En Passant, Promotion etc. in addition with time control and strategy and tactics.


The students learn yoga to achieve the integrated growth of mind, self – management of behaviour, thought and attitude. This also helps students to develop a disciplined and wholesome personality.


S NO. MONTH GAME CATEGORY For 1 to 5 Boys & Girls
1 April Selection of all Game U 12,15 ( Boys & Girls) Ball Balance
2 June BADMINTON U 12,15 ( Boys & Girls) -----
3 June VOLLEYBALL U 12,15 ( Boys & Girls) -----
4 July KABBADI U 12,15 ( Boys & Girls) Crab Walk
5 August BASKETBALL U 12,15 ( Boys & Girls) Roll the hula hoop
6 September BALL BADMINTON U 12,15 ( Boys & Girls) -----
7 September THROWBALL U 12,15 ( Boys & Girls) Relay game
8 October FOOTBALL U 15 ( Boys & Girls) -----
9 November CRICKET U 15 Boys Roll the ball with bat
  November KHO-KHO U 12,15 ( Boys & Girls)  
10 December Hand Ball U 12,15 ( Boys & Girls) -----
11 December Softball U 12,15 ( Boys & Girls) -----
12 January Athletics Events 1st to 10th (Boys &Girls) Bean bag balance
13 January Sports Day 1st to 10th (Boys &Girls) -----
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