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SVTM is Conducting Online Classes for B.Tech and MBA Courses from 17-08-2020| 13 Students of SVTM Selected in QSPIDERS Campus Drive | 27 Students of SVTM Selected in Campus Drive Conducted by Aliance Developer Pvt Ltd
Faculty Members
Sl Name Designation Qulification Department
1 Dr.B.D.VENKATRAMANA REDDY Professor & Principal M.Tech, Ph.D Electronics-Communications-Engineering
2 Dr.V.SENTHIL MURUGAN Associate Professor & HOD cum Vice Principal M.E., Ph.D. Computer-Science-Engineering
3 Ms.M.SRI PRIYA Assistant Professor & HOD M.Tech Civil-Engineering
4 Mr.M.V. MAHESWARA REDDY Associate  Professor & HOD M.Tech,(Ph.D) Electronics-Communications-Engineering
5 Mr.V.R. RAMAKRISHNA Associate Professor  & HOD M.Com (SVU Gold Medalist).,MBA, L.LB.,CA Inter, UGCNET(Mgmt.), UGCNET(Commerce), APSET(Commerce), (Ph.D.) M-B-A
6 Mr.M.RAMA  NARASIMHA REDDY Associate Professor & HOD M.Tech., Mechanical-Engineering
7 Dr. T. SREENIVASULU REDDY Professor of Physics & HOD M.Sc.,M.Phil.,SET.,Ph.D Basic-Sciences-Humanities
8 Mr.D.CHINNA KULLAY REDDY Assistant Professor & HOD M. Tech,(Ph.D.) Electrical-Electronics-Engineering
9 Mr.A.MOHAN KUMAR Assistant Professor M.Tech Civil-Engineering
10 Mr.K.SHAMMAD BASHA Assistant Professor M.Tech Civil-Engineering
11 Mr.J.MAHESWAR REDDY Assistant Professor M.Tech,(Ph.D) Electronics-Communications-Engineering
12 Mr.R.NAGENDRA Assistant Professor M.Tech Electronics-Communications-Engineering
13 Mr.C.MANOJ KUMAR REDDY Assistant Professor M.Tech Electronics-Communications-Engineering
14 Mrs. T. REDDY RANI Assistant Professor M.Tech Electronics-Communications-Engineering
15 Mrs. P. HEMALATHA Assistant Professor M.Tech Electronics-Communications-Engineering
16 Ms. S. SHAMAR SULTHANA Assistant Professor M.Tech Electronics-Communications-Engineering
17 Mrs.W.J. HIMA BINDU Assistant Professor M.Tech Electronics-Communications-Engineering
18 Mr.S.RIZWAN Assistant Professor M.Tech Electronics-Communications-Engineering
19 Mr.N.NAGENDRA Assistant Professor M.Tech Electronics-Communications-Engineering
20 Mrs.N.PRANAVI Assistant Professor M.Tech Electronics-Communications-Engineering
21 Mrs.C.K.HEMANTHA LAKSHMI Assistant Professor M.Tech Electronics-Communications-Engineering
22 Dr. B. AMARNATH REDDY Associate Professor M.B.A., Ph.D. M-B-A
23 Dr.A.CHIRANJEEVI Associate Professor M.Com, APSET , Ph.D. M-B-A
24 Dr. B. SANKAR NAIK Associate Professor B.TECH, MBA., Ph.D. M-B-A
25 Mrs.N. RAJANI Associate Professor MBA M-B-A
26 Mrs.N.MADHAVI Assistant Professor MBA M-B-A
27 Ms.S. ZUHEEN TAJ Assistant Professor MBA M-B-A
28 Mr.M.PHANI GOWTHAM SARMA Assistant Professor MBA M-B-A
29 Ms.V.KIRANMAYI Assistant Professor MBA M-B-A
30 Ms.B.SUNEETHA NAIDU Assistant Professor MBA M-B-A
31 Mr.N.VIJAY KUMAR Assistant Professor MBA M-B-A
32 Mrs.R.SUNAINA Assistant Professor MBA M-B-A
33 Mr.S.TAHEER Assistant Professor MBA M-B-A
34 Mr.V.NOOR MOHAMMED Assistant Professor MBA M-B-A
35 Mr.P.LOKESH MUNI KUMAR Assistant Professor MBA M-B-A
36 Mrs.D.RANI Assistant Professor MBA M-B-A
37 Mr.K. LAKSHMAIAH Associate Professor M.E., (Ph.D). Computer-Science-Engineering
38 Mrs.B. JYOTHSNA Assistant Professor M.Tech Computer-Science-Engineering
39 Mr.M. VEERESH BABU Assistant Professor M.Tech,(Ph.D) Computer-Science-Engineering
40 Mr.P. VISWANATH REDDY Assistant Professor M.Tech Computer-Science-Engineering
41 Mrs.V. HEMASREE Assistant Professor M. Tech,(Ph.D.) Computer-Science-Engineering
42 Mr.M. UDAYA PRAKASH REDDY Assistant Professor M.E  Computer-Science-Engineering
43 Mrs.T.SARADA Assistant Professor M.Tech Computer-Science-Engineering
44 Mr.S.NAGARAJAN Assistant Professor M.Tech Computer-Science-Engineering
45 Mr.A.SRINIVASAN Assistant Professor M.E  Computer-Science-Engineering
46 Mrs.I.DEEPIKA Assistant Professor M.Tech Computer-Science-Engineering
47 Mr.T. NAGARAJU Assistant Professor M.Tech Computer-Science-Engineering
48 Mr.S.MADHUSUDHANA Associate Professor M.Tech., (Ph.D)., Mechanical-Engineering
49 Mr.S.MOULALI Assistant Professor M.Tech., Mechanical-Engineering
50 Mr.Y. SRINATH Assistant Professor M.Tech, MISTE Mechanical-Engineering
51 Mr.D. R. PARTHASARATHI Assistant Professor M.Tech., Mechanical-Engineering
52 Mr.S.B.ANJAPPA Assistant Professor M.Tech., Mechanical-Engineering
53 Dr. K. SREELALITHA Associate Professor M. Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D Basic-Sciences-Humanities
54 M. SWETHA Associate Professor M. Sc., (Ph.D) Basic-Sciences-Humanities
55 V. SPANDANA Assistant Professor M. Sc Basic-Sciences-Humanities
56 Dr. B. Md. HIDAYATHULLA KHAN Assistant Professor M. Sc.,Ph. D Basic-Sciences-Humanities
57 V. VIJAY KUMAR Assistant Professor M. Sc., (M. Phil) Basic-Sciences-Humanities
58 S. SHAMA Assistant Professor M.Sc Basic-Sciences-Humanities
59 Dr. S. GEETHAN KUMAR Assistant Professor M.Sc., SET., Ph.D Basic-Sciences-Humanities
60 S.K. TAJMAL BASHA Assistant Professor M.A Basic-Sciences-Humanities
61 S. ARSHAD ALI Assistant Professor M.A.,B.Ed Basic-Sciences-Humanities
62 G. RAGHAVENDRA REDDY Physical Director M.P.Ed Basic-Sciences-Humanities
63 P. REDDAIAH Assistant Professor M.Tech Electrical-Electronics-Engineering
64 P. RAMALINGAIAH Assistant Professor M.Tech Electrical-Electronics-Engineering
65 Mr.M.SREERAMULU Assistant Professor M.Tech Electrical-Electronics-Engineering
66 Mr.N.HIMAGIRI Assistant Professor M.Tech Electrical-Electronics-Engineering
67 Mr.P.SREENIVAS Assistant Professor M.Tech Electrical-Electronics-Engineering
68 Mrs. K. MALLESWARI Assistant Professor M.Tech Electrical-Electronics-Engineering
69 Mr. M. SHESADRI NAIK Assistant Professor M.Tech Civil-Engineering
70 Ms.S. Balseq Bano Assistant Professor M.Tech Electrical-Electronics-Engineering
71 Mr. D. SANJEEV  REDDY Assistant Professor  M.Tech Computer-Science-Engineering
72 Mr. Y.MADHUKAR REDDY Lab Assistant Diploma (Civil Engineering) Civil-Engineering
73 Mr. MAHESWARA Lab Assistant Diploma (Civil Engineering) Civil-Engineering
74 Mr.K. SAI PRASAD Lab Assistant Diploma in ECE Electronics-Communications-Engineering
75 Mr.E. SIVA Lab Programmer MCA Computer-Science-Engineering
76 B.VENKAT REDDY Lab Instructor ITI Mechanical-Engineering
77 B.PURUSOTHAM REDDY Lab Instructor ITI Mechanical-Engineering
78 B.BHUMI REDDY Lab Instructor ITI Mechanical-Engineering
79 S. HARI Lab Instructor B.Sc Basic-Sciences-Humanities
80 R. MADHUKAR Lab Technician Diploma Electrical-Electronics-Engineering
81 C. MALLIKARJUNA Lab Technician ITI Electrical-Electronics-Engineering
82 Mr.S. MUZAHID System Admin B.Com(Computers) Computer-Science-Engineering
83 Mr.S. NARENDRA KUMAR Network Admin B.Tech Computer-Science-Engineering
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