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Monday to Saturday

Viswam Kids Campus:   9.30 am to 3.30 pm.

(Nursery to UKG)

VISWAM SCHOOL (CBSE)          :   8.55 am to 4.30 pm

(Class I to X)


Principal:9.30 am to 10.30 am (Preferably with prior appointment)

Teachers:Saturdays, Parents Teachers Meet or with prior appointment on any working day.

Note: Students should not arrive at the school more than 30 minutes before the official beginning of the school. There is no supervision provided for a child prior to 8.30 am

Guidelines to Parents

VISWAM SCHOOL (CBSE) endeavours to provide an environment that is safe and stimulating for the children in our care. The School Code of Conduct reflects the overall positive approach we have in our school towards all aspects of our students learning and development. It has been devised to maintain a safe and happy environment, where everyone feels valued and respected. We encourage our students to trust and respect their peers and show compassion and appreciation of divergent views.

We aim that all members of the School Community should:

Respect one another

Show respect for their own, others and school property

Be polite and sensible around the school and in the classroom

Do their best and be responsible for their own behaviour and work

Be attentive and listen carefully during lessons

Be kind and helpful toward one another to make VISWAM a friendly and happy school

Wear the correct school uniform and have the correct kit for Sports

Maintain proper decorum at all times and places

Be honest and fair and non-judgemental

Take pride in your School.

Respect staff and pupils during lessons and at playtimes

Language Policy

The medium of communication in the School campus is ENGLISH.

Students should communicate only in English otherwise they will have to face consequences.

05 marks are also allotted for the same in internal Assessment that is taken four times in a year.

The students, who fail to communicate in English, will be given 0 marks

Leave / Absence Rules

We very strongly feel the need for children to attend school regularly and punctually in order to derive maximum benefit from the schools curriculum. Regular attendance is essential for the academic and personal development of children. We expect that all parents will endeavour to have children in school during term time unless there are justifying circumstances and we bestow the responsibility for regular attendance and punctuality of the students upon the parents.

A minimum of 85% attendance is mandatory before every exam to make them eligible to sit for the examination. In case attendance is short, students will not be eligible for promotion/any academic award. Adequate preparatory leave is given before each exam. It is mandatory for the students to attend school till the last working day.

Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than ten consecutive days renders the student liable to have his/her name stuck off the rolls.

For availing an early exit, students should submit an application/ handbook entry duly signed by the parents at the reception for getting the gate pass issued, before 10.00 a.m. Parent are expected to personally call and inform at the reception about the reason for availing an early exit.

For purposes of safety, a child will be released only to their parents/guardians unless the school has been notified in writing by the parents that they have granted permission for someone else to pick up their child.

The parent, or authorized person, must come to the office to sign out the child and have the student dismissed from the classroom.

All children are expected to attend school on the opening day after every vacation and must be present before closing for the vacations.

If a child is absent from school, parents must inform the school by a written note or telephone call. It is important that you explain the reason for your childs absence to the class teacher or the Head of the School/Vice Principal.

The only absences approved by the school are:

Verified illness

Ongoing Medical treatment

Family trip approved by the Class Teacher, Vice Principal and Principal, prior to the dates of absence.

Religious Holidays

For planned absence, the student or the parent shall submit an application to the Class Teacher and the Vice Principal one week before the period of absence. The applications should state clearly the exact day(s) and/or period(s) the student will remain absent and the reason for absence.

For Unplanned/Emergency absence, School authorities should be informed telephonically or through email on the day of absence so that necessary action can be taken. The student shall produce a leave note, duly signed by the parent the next day he attends School.

Re-Examinations/Extension for the submission of important assignments will not be permitted if the student avails unexcused and uninformed absence on the day of important test, practical laboratory sessions, assessments, submission of assignments, etc.

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