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School Council

The school council is made up of pupil representatives from each class. It is the interface between the students and the school administration. The students are given training in leadership and organisational skills. They support in the school improvement programmes

House System

We aim at the all-round development of students and organize several curricular and extracurricular events throughout the year .The students of the school are divided into four houses with an aim of developing competitive spirit. They take turns to conduct the morning assembly ,school activities ,house evenings and maintain the discipline and decorum of the school .This helps them learn to collaborate and compete at the same time ,working on individual and team abilities as part of these activities.

VISWAM offers a rich blend of co- curricular and extra curriculum activities .We believe it is important to develop the ‘whole student’, ensuring they leave us as responsible ,committed and ambitious young people who are a credit to themselves, their families and their communities .As such ,we encourage participation in wide range of activities ,clubs and societies.

Activity Clubs & Societies

There are various activity clubs and societies on campus. We at VISWAM believe that being involved in one’s community is a great way to stay active, meet new people, and gain new skills. We also provide an opportunity to be a part of activities, motivated by our sense of social responsibility and aimed at giving back to society. The students are encouraged to choose from the wide range available.

Additionally, students can become involved in active sports, leadership and volunteer work.

We are open to establishing relationships with international partners to ensure the highest standards of care and support to students and teachers through exchange programs. The purpose of building these partnerships is to enhance understanding between our people and the people of other countries through educational and cultural exchanges .It offers the unique experience of living and studying in another culture and enables all involved to develop the skills and awareness that will enhance their future potential.

Sports & Outdoor Games

Sports and Outdoor Games play a very important part in development of a healthy and fit body. With a healthy body, a healthy mind and the spirit to carry us, we can achieve happiness and enjoy all that life has to offer. Therefore we take special care in garnering the spirit of sportsmanship among our students by training them in different sporting events such as Cricket, volleyball. Basketball, Handball, Softball, Throw ball, Badminton, Ball Badminton etc

The other school activities include Indoor Games, Trekking, Adventure Sports, in Dance –Western and Classical, Music Instrumental, Dramatics, Gardening, Photography and Martial arts

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